Easy vegan cheese sauce with minimal ingredients and ready in 3 minutes! A super simple vegan cheese sauce which requires only a handful of ingredients. Perfect for pizza, nachos, pasta, mac and cheese, burgers, gratin, veggies, and more savory vegan recipes

Easy Vegan Cheese Sauce

Easy vegan cheese sauce with minimal ingredients and ready in 3 minutes! A super simple and nut-free plant-based recipe which requires only a handful of ingredients. This vegan queso is perfect for pizza, nachos, Mac and Cheese, burgers, pasta bake, toast, and more savory recipes. The sauce doesn't contain cashews!
Course Side Dish
Cuisine vegan
Keyword cheese, sauce, vegan
Prep Time 1 minute
Cook Time 2 minutes
Total Time 3 minutes
Servings 3
Calories 148kcal
Author Michaela Vais



  • Put all ingredients into a saucepan and stir with a whisk. Once everything is combined, turn on the heat and bring the mixture to a boil while stirring constantly.
  • Let simmer on low to medium heat for about one minute until the sauce is stretchy.
  • Enjoy this vegan cheese sauce with nachos, on pizza, over pasta, and many other savory dishes!


  • If the cheese sauce turns out too thick, just add more coconut milk, up to 1 cup.
  • In case you don't like the taste of coconut milk, you can use any plant-based milk instead, e.g. almond milk, cashew milk, etc. The higher the fat content of the milk is, the better will be the taste of the vegan cheese sauce.
  • Tapioca flour/starch can be bought in every Asia shop or big supermarkets or simply ordered online.
  • Two readers (thanks, Brooklyn and Nichola) commented that arrowroot flour (also known as arrowroot powder or arrowroot starch) is a great substitute for tapioca flour/starch.
  • FAQ: "My cheese sauce didn't turn out yellow. What did I do wrong...?" Answer: Some nutritional yeast brands enrich their products with lots of B-vitamins. The nutritional yeast flakes which I ordered from Amazon contain B-vitamins and the nutritional yeast flakes have a yellow color. When I use 3 tbsp the cheese sauce turns out pretty yellow like in the pics. When I use less (e.g. just 1 tbsp) the color is just light yellowish."
Nutrition Facts
Easy Vegan Cheese Sauce
Amount Per Serving (72 g)
Calories 148 Calories from Fat 97
% Daily Value*
Fat 10.8g17%
Saturated Fat 9.3g47%
Sodium 398mg17%
Carbohydrates 10.4g3%
Fiber 2.2g9%
Sugar 2.3g3%
Protein 3.9g8%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.


Serving: 72g | Calories: 148kcal | Carbohydrates: 10.4g | Protein: 3.9g | Fat: 10.8g | Saturated Fat: 9.3g | Sodium: 398mg | Fiber: 2.2g | Sugar: 2.3g