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Instant Pot Vegan Butter Chicken recipe

Instant Pot Vegan Butter Chicken (Tikka Masala)

This Vegan Butter Chicken (Tikka Masala) neither contains chicken, nor butter but still tastes super delicious. The recipe is plant-based, gluten-free and easy to make in an Instant Pot (but can be also made on the stove top!).
Course Main Course
Cuisine Indian
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Servings 4



  • I recommend using a kitchen scale for this recipe.
  • Add the oil to the Instant Pot and set to "SAUTE". Add the fresh ginger, garlic and bell pepper, and cook for about 2-3 minutes. Check the recipe notes below for the stove top version!
  • Add all spices, sugar, the passata, broth, and textured soy protein. Close and seal the Instant Pot. Cook on "MANUAL" for 10 minutes. Once the time is up, quick release.
  • Carefully open the lid and add the balsamic vinegar and soy sauce. Also, add coconut milk and stir.
  • Taste and adjust seasonings. Add more salt/pepper/sugar/cayenne to taste.
  • Serve with rice or naan bread and garnish with fresh herbs (cilantro or chives for example). Enjoy!


To make the Vegan Butter Chicken on the stove top, follow these instructions:
  1. Soak 2 cups of textured soy protein (soy curls) in a bowl with 1 1/3 cups (320 ml) of hot vegetable broth and set aside for 10 minutes. The soy curls will begin to fluff and absorb all the liquid.
  2. Heat the oil in a pot over medium heat, add the fresh ginger, garlic, and bell pepper and cook for about 2-3 minutes.
  3. Add all spices, sugar, the passata, and the soaked textured soy protein. Cook on medium heat for about 10 minutes.
  4. Add the balsamic vinegar and soy sauce. Also, add the coconut milk and stir. Follow the remaining steps of the recipe.
  • You can use cashew milk (or preferably cashew cream) instead of canned coconut milk. I wouldn't recommend any boxed plant-based milk with a high water content though.
  • You could use two 15 oz cans of chickpeas (rinsed and drained) instead of the textured soy protein (soy curls). I haven't tried out this version yet, but I would recommend using just 2 1/2 cups of tomato sauce/passata. Cook on "MANUAL" for 10 minutes, then quick release.
The recipe serves 4. Nutrition Facts are for one serving (with canned coconut milk). If you use boxed coconut milk the calories are 250 kcal, 11 g fat, 15.3 g carbs and 17 g protein per serving!
Nutrition Facts
Instant Pot Vegan Butter Chicken (Tikka Masala)
Amount Per Serving
Calories 341 Calories from Fat 184
% Daily Value*
Fat 20.4g31%
Carbohydrates 17.5g6%
Fiber 7.8g31%
Sugar 13.9g15%
Protein 17.7g35%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.